Maintainer Corporation

Maintainer Corporation truck bodies

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. has been building premium quality standard and customized service bodies, lube bodies and cranes since 1976.
Maintainer is a unique custom turn key manufacturer. No other body manufacturer can custom build the way we do. Many of our competitors build the same one and two ton bodies daily where we build custom bodies daily.
Maintainer starts from the very beginning when it comes to customizing…we work with the customer on what he/she wants and we do our best to build their body the way they want it, built-to-order. The customizing starts with engineering and continues all the way through the plant and into final detail where it becomes the completed unit. Unlike our competitors who add the custom components on after the main body is built, we start the process of customizing right in the beginning to make sure it is engineered with same quality and strength as our “standard” bodies.


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