Crane Reconditioning

Crane Reconditioning Process:

Before any reconditioning is done, your crane, body and all components are load tested and inspected upon arrival. Any repairs needed will be quoted to you on a time and material basis, for further approval. After repairs have been made to your crane it will be removed from the chassis along with your flat bed. We then steam clean all the components of the crane, so it is grease and oil free, remove all decals and begin the process of sanding the crane down and preparing it for paint. After your crane has been primed and painted it is then remounted to your new or existing chassis. Next we sand blast the top and underside of your flatbed down to the bear steel. Then your body is steam cleaned, the underside is then undercoated with automotive grade paint. The topside is wire wheeled, prepped, primed and painted black. At this time the body is ready to be ready to be remounted to your chassis and the final steps are about to begin. All new safety, OSHA and company decals are reinstalled to the body and crane, any touch up painting that needs to be done, final load tests are done and crane inspection stickers are issued.

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